Surely other americans aren’t this dumb?

OJ Simpson released from jail – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

“There is not a place on the planet where Mr Simpson could go where people would not recognise him,” Mr Galanter said.

Do they really have such a view of the world thatย  they think he would be recognised everywhere ? This seems to be yet another case of Americans believing that they are the only place in the world.

Maybe he means that if OJ and his friends were put anywhere on the planet, they would still be able to recognise him. Yes, that must be what he meant. It would be unimaginably retarded to not have meant that.

Something to make nerds smile

Shortest distance between two jokes A straight line
6 Curses 1 Hexahex
2000 pounds of chinese soup 1 Won Ton
Speed of a tortoise breaking the sound barrier 1 Machturtle
8 Catfish 1 Octo-puss
One half large intestine 1 Semicolon
10 to the minus 6th power Movie 1 Microfilm
1000 pains 1 Megahertz
1 Word 1 Millipicture
1 Sagan Billions & Billions
10 to the 12th power microphones 1 Megaphone
10 to the 6th power Bicycles 2 megacycles
The amount of beauty required launch 1 ship 1 Millihelen

Jump the Shark

Jump the Shark: Has Your Favorite TV Show Reached Its Peak? Jump The Shark

This is a term I’ve been using for a while and quite like it. I was stupid enough to think it was something that only a few people used and was somewhat local.

It turns out, as it generally does, that nothing i think about is new and its all been done before.

Anyway, If you haven’t used this term in normal conversation, its about time you did.

I wonder if my blog has jumped the shark? or maybe my life.

I like wordpress.

WordPress โ€บ Blog Tool and Weblog Platform

This morning my wife asked me to setup a seperate blog for her as some posts she didn’t want on her blog. On discussing this further, I discovered that she simply wanted some categories to be there,but not visible on the home page.

Thinking that she can’t be the first person to want wordpress to do this, I discovered the plugin Advanced Category Excludeder which, like typical WordPress plugins, installed easily and worked prefectly.

Its so nice when people write well designed extensible software.

Circumcision cuts HIV/AIDS risk by 60pc – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Circumcision cuts HIV/AIDS risk by 60pc – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

I can’t help wondering what sort of percentage we can reduce the risk by simply removing babies genitals rather than just mutilating them.

Maybe if the catholic church was even slightly less retarded, they might allow people to wear little rubber thingys to do some good. Instead, they seem to just spread mis-information about them to people who are trusting and too impoverished to get decent information.